Mackenzie + Ryan // Columbus Ohio Engagement Session

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Water. In Ohio. So stoked.


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Best of 2013 // Wedding Portraits

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In our last post, we wrote a little bit about how we approach a wedding as photojournalists. We love capturing the wedding day as it unfolds in front of us, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love the small part of the day when we get to steal the bride and groom for portraits. Each of our couples is very dear to us, and we cherish the time that we get to spend with them, away from the madness of all the checklists, alone for a few minutes, ignoring the responsibilities and just enjoying each other. It’s pretty incredible to not only witness two people in love, but to have the honor of translating their love into a photograph, tailoring our style to their unique relationship.

Not to mention, there’s no better time to really push ourselves creatively. We hope you guys enjoy some of our favorite portraits of 2013.

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Best of 2013 // Wedding Moments

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Photojournalism. It’s a word that gets thrown around so much these days, and many people have a hard time really explaining what it is, or even why they like it. Couples come in to our office all the time saying, “Oh, we love your work, it’s just so….” and they can’t figure out that next word. Sometimes it’s “natural.” Other times it’s “real.” Every now and then it’s “good.” But at the end of the day, it’s our ability to tell a story as it happens that people are really drawn to.

It’s the moments, the little details, the interactions between family members, and the tear in a groom’s eye as his bride walks down the aisle that really matter most. We absolutely LOVE our portrait time on a wedding day (which you’ll see in part three of our Best of series), but the little moments are what really make each wedding unique, and what really make each memory special.

Enjoy some of our favorite moments from 2013.

Bride and Groom Share an Intimate Moment After the Ceremony Tilt-shift Birch House Wedding Hawaiian Beach Outdoor Wedding Photographer Faust Park Saint Louis Rustic Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Cincinnati Bridal Portrait Birch House Rustic Wedding Dress Freelensing Hawaii Makeup Wedding Preparations Creative Wedding Photos St. Louis Colorful Dayton Wedding Bridal Party Pinecroft at Crosley Estate Cincinnati Wedding Ceremony Krippendorf Lodge Outdoor Ceremony Denison University Candid Photojournalism Bride Preparations Greek Wedding Krippendorf Lodge Wedding Dress Cincinnati Heritage Center Wedding Ceremony Hawaii Jimmy Choo Wedding Denison University Pink Vera Wang Wedding Dress Pinecroft Wedding Bride Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer Groom Crying Ceremony Cincinnati French House Wedding Faust Park Foot Washing Ceremony Donkey carrying cerveza Barn Wedding Reception Freaking gorgeous wedding flowers Naked Cake Barn Wedding Air Force Party Sleeves Wedding Reception Rustic Wedding Flowers Downtown Wedding Party Giant Numbers Dayton Art Institute Wedding Birch House Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Dayton Art Institute Creative Flower Wedding Hawaiian Outdoor Wedding Reception Dayton Art Institute Wedding Cincinnati Heritage Center Wedding Japanese Lantern




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